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About Vending Express

Vending Express - our vision:

Vending Express - Our Vision

“To provide our clients with the best refreshment options at affordable prices” 



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Vending Express Limited are an independent business with over 40 years vending experience. We originally started out as a vending company but as the coffee business has changed, so have we! We now have expanded our ranges of drink solutions and coffee machine.

We are based in Birmingham, West Midlands and we distribute Nationwide. As an independant vending company, this enables us to carefully select a quality range of products from the industries top manufacturers providing "Coffee at Work" solutions such as Coffee Queen, Darenth MJS, Expobar, Fracino, Franke Jura and Westomatic

We recognise that some businesses throughout the UK were not fully catering for their staff and customer beverage requirements and decided it was time to address this situation. So wherever people need refreshment, our choice of machines and ingredients provides the perfect solution for an ever widening range of customers. Our website gives our customers easy access to our machines, no hidden costs or surprises.

For busy sites requiring refreshments round the clock floor standing vending machines offer the best choice. Quick and convenient, coffee shop style drinks and snacks including healthy eating and fairtrade products are available at the push of a button. For front of house, receptions, Hair and Beauty Salons and smaller locations, we have a table top range featuring the  Darenth MJS  in-cup coffee machine range.  We are also very proud to be able to provide the only British made traditional Coffee machines from Birmingham based Fracino.

Self service areas will benefit from our hotel, catering and restaurant range of bean to cup, instant and freshbrew drinks machines. And finally what all establishments should have a water machine either plumbed or bottled. It's a fact customers and clients who are well refreshed are more likely to stay regular customers. Why Vending ?



"Buying directly from the manufacturer means we can pass on the extensive savings to you!" 


Our Incup Vending Machines

Vending Express have been using Darenth MJS incup range for many years. The reliability and ease of use can not be beaten. This makes our incup vending machine section an ideal machine for offices, garages and reception areas.

Click here to see our selection of Darenth MJS machines


Our Traditional Espresso Machines

Vending Express have a wide range of traditional espresso machines, starting from the hand filled water espresso machines and right up to 4 group espresso machines. We are proud to be able to offer you Expobar and Fracino.These espresso machines are the most reliable and stylish on the market. Most importantly though, these machines produce the finest quality coffee. Traditional machines are best suited to establishments where quality coffee is their core focus.


Click here to see our Expobar Coffee machines

Click here to see our Fracino Coffee machines


Our Traditional Espresso Machines for the Home

Vending Express are proud to be able to provide Fracino's Espresso Coffee machines for the home. The Fracino Piccino classic looks fit into any home and can also be colour coded.

Click here to see our Espresso Coffee machines for the home or small businesses


Our Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Vending Express are able to provide you with a vast selection of B2C machines from Bravilor, Coffee Queen, Darenth MJS, Franke, Jura, Fracino and Macchia Valley. Our automatic bean to cup coffee machines have been chosen due to their ease of use, reliability and the superior tasting coffee they produce. Bean to cup coffee machines offer excellent consistency with only minimal training needed, although basic daily cleaning is essential.


Our Beverage Vending Machines

We offer a comprehensive range of stylish table top and floor standing vending equipment using top quality branded ingredients.  


Our Filter Coffee Machines

For all your bulk brew, pour and serve and filter coffee requirements we have a solution to meet your requirements. We offer the complete line of Bravilor Coffee Brewing Systems to help you meet the demands of today.


Our Juice and Other Beverage Machines                           

As well as coffee products, we also specialise in a wide range of  juice and hot chocolate machines. We also offer installation of all equipment direct from the manufacturer, so you know you are getting an expert install.


Why not challenge us to Beat The Quote !! If its not lower on our site, then we will aim to match the quote.

Vending Express - Low Cost Vending and Coffee Machines


Special Promotions for the West Midlands

Vending Express is a member of Chamber of Commerce

Vending Express is a member of the Hereford and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerces. We are currently promoting our FREE Operated Vending Machine for H&W Chamber members. Click here for the promotion details.

Vending Express is expanding its DIY & FREE operated vending machine service around Birmingham, Worcestershire & Warwickshire.

Click here for DIY Vending in Warwickshire

Click here for DIY Vending in Worcestershire


Free on Loan Vending Machine Solutions


Case Study of Free on Loan Vending Machine Option


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