Save a Cup is a ‘not for profit’ company and as such the charges we apply are only to help cover the cost of running the scheme. Save a Cup offers an inclusive service to meet all your recycling of vending disposables.

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Coffee at Work

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Instead of the high-street coffee shops tempting your staff away from their desks in search of caffeine, why not provide them with a luxury self-service vending machine that caters for all the requirements of today’s modern workplace.

Forget your past experiences of vending machines that deliver poor quality drinks. At Vending Express we specialize in sourcing the best a range of café-style vending machines that are more Costa than Countertop.

We also understand that every workplace has different needs and requires an individual vending solution. That’s why we have developed a superb range of drinks and snack machines that can be tailored to suit your workplace.

From a stylish table-top coffee machine that is ideal for reception areas, to a chilled water dispenser to give your employees their healthy 8 glasses a day to snack machines that can be filled with your choice of healthy snacks to branded confectionery.

We offer

  • Office vending solutions
  • Front-of-house vending solutions
  • Showroom, corporate and boardroom vending solutions
  • Coffee house experience