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Coffee And Tea Products : SUPERSIZE 12OZ TAKEAWAY DRINKS : Coffee Queen Water Boiler & 12oz Dispenser
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Coffee Queen Water Boiler & 12oz Dispenser

RRP £646.00 (£775.20 incl. VAT)
Our Price £646.00  (£775.20 incl VAT )

Coffee Queen 12oz in-cup Dispenser

The Coffee Queen Water Boiler and 12 oz in-cup dispenser is an ingenious concept together with real flair makes the system an ideal 12oz n-cup hots drinks solution for the smaller establishment that needs a versatile, practical and attractive unit. Combining an integral boiler and refillable water bottle, the dispenser is the simplest solution for quality hot drinks.


Manual water fill or mains water connection (1.5m hose included).

  1. High quality Hot Water Dispenser with point of sale/storage for sixty 12oz incup drinks. 
  2. Dimensions: Width: 50cm  Depth: 46cm  Height: 49cm.
  3. Digital temperature display.
  4. 7.5 Litres water capacity.
  5. Stainless steel construction makes for a stylish, quality machine. 



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