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Water Machines, Coolers & Filters : Darenth MJS WaterBoy
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Darenth MJS WaterBoy

RRP £895.00 (£1,074.00 incl. VAT)
Our Price £795.00  (£954.00 incl VAT )

Darenth MJS WaterBoy

The Darenth MJS WaterBoy is specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for quality drinking water. Backed by the most recognisable name and undoubted market leader in water filtration technology, the WaterBoy prominently features the Brita imagery and name enhancing appeal. With its ability to dispense ambient, chilled, or even carbonated water, and with the additional option to add up to 4 flavourings to the dispensed drink, the WaterBoy is sure to delight time after time.

Machine Features

  1. Eye-catching and complimentary styling
  2. Addresses the rapidly growing demand for quality drinking water
  3. Ambient, chilled and carbonated options available
  4. Convenient storage and dispense mechanism for any size of paper, plastic or any other type of cup
  5. Brita AquaQUELL 1.5 filter cartridge and head fitted as standard
  6. Internal storage for supplies of empty cups and/or products for host machine
  7. Can be coin-controlled when used as a base for DarenthMJS hot drinks machines
  8. UV sterilisation option for additional water quality
  9. 2 or 4 syrup based drink options
  10. Triple locking points on door for added security
  11. The perfect partner for a DarenthMJS hot drinks machine to provide a complete drinks solution
  12. Backed by the most recognisable brand in the water treatment industry and featuring highly
  13. recognisable Brita imagery


Machine Specifications

 Machine : 780mm x 1000mm x 600mm

Empty machine : 85Kg
Machine fitted with water chiller: 96Kg
Machine fitted with cooler/carbonator: 96Kg

220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase
300 W, 13 A plug fuse
Machine is fitted with a 1.5 metre mains lead and is equipped with power outlet socket for optional
hot drinks machine (combination requires only one wall socket)

Chiller - “Ice Bank” type chiller providing high capacity to maintain delivery of cold drinks
Cooler/Carbonator - provides carbonation for deliciously refreshing fizzy cold drinks
UV sterilisation system - for additional water quality

Syrup upgrade - 2 or 4 syrups can be chosen to provide a selection of flavoured drinks

 The machine is designed to complement the entire range of DarenthMJS beverage machines, and in this format
operates as a slave to the host machine thereby utilising the same payment system
Alternatively, the machine is equally as capable of operating in a stand alone free-vend format



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