Save a Cup is a ‘not for profit’ company and as such the charges we apply are only to help cover the cost of running the scheme. Save a Cup offers an inclusive service to meet all your recycling of vending disposables.

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Lease FAQs

 Lease your coffee machine or vending machine


How do I arrange finance?
You can contact us directly 'contact us’ on our website.

Why should we use leasing rather than pay cash or use a loan?
Your cash may be better used elsewhere in the organisation, particularly as working capital helping to develop the business, rather than financing fixed assets

What kind of equipment can be financed using leasing?
Almost any capital equipment can be financed using leasing; from essential vending to water coolers.Nearly any asset required to improve the efficiency of, as well as develop and grow your business can be leased, and we at Vending Express can both advise your use of leasing and package your requirements to include all the products you wish to lease and not only the vending equipment. Please ask us for details.

What value of equipment can I finance?
Assets with a value from as little as £1,000 can be financed through a lease though we also offer reduced rental packages for our low cost water units.

How long will my finance agreement be for?
There is a wide range of leasing terms available which can be tailored to suit you, so long as the term does not exceed the expected useful working life of the equipment.

How often do I make payments under my finance agreement?
Most Vending Express customers choose to pay their Leases monthly or quarterly, but payment structures can be arranged to suit each individual customers’ requirements.

How do I make payments to UKV?
Most customers choose the convenience of a direct debit arrangement or a standing order though we may consider taking payments by conventional invoicing for a small premium.

When do I make my first payment to Vending Express?
This will be normally on the date on the agreement or according to the date of any acceptance certificate or installation.

What happens to the equipment at the end of the finance arrangement?
It depends on the type of finance arrangement you choose with us. With a lease agreement you can choose either to continue leasing the equipment for a secondary period, arrange for an up-to-date replacement to be installed as part of a new agreement or simply return the equipment to us. At the end of a lease purchase agreement you have the option to buy the equipment for a final, nominal sum.

If we want to add, change or replace the equipment during the lease, what happens?
Changes to equipment requirements can be easily accommodated by Vending Express via our upgrade and add-on options. A simple adjustment to your payments will make this process easy.

Do the leasing payments cover the VAT element of the cost of equipment?
Yes, you pay VAT on the payments as they fall due, rather than pay the VAT up front in full as you would do when you purchase equipment.

Who is responsible for insuring the equipment?
As the lessee, you are responsible for insuring the equipment against loss and damage. You should make sure that the equipment is insured with a reputable company and for the full replacement cost. You may be required to produce evidence of the insurance policy.

What do I do if I want to end the finance agreement early and how much notice do you require?
You should inform us of your early termination request in writing and we will quote you a settlement figure based on early termination. Normally you will be required to give 90 days notice of early termination.