Save a Cup is a ‘not for profit’ company and as such the charges we apply are only to help cover the cost of running the scheme. Save a Cup offers an inclusive service to meet all your recycling of vending disposables.

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Our healthy vending solutions

Healthy Vending 


Our healthy Westomatic vending solutions 

Fruit & Nuts help with a balanced diet.High quality vending with the right drinks and snacks, raises productivity and employee welfare, and a reliable and productive workforce is the greatest asset in any business.

So if fostering a positive atmosphere and improving employee morale is high on your agenda, don’t just rely upon team building days. Why not opt for a Westomatic high-quality vending machine to supply healthy snacks, water and hot drinks? 

Freshly brewed tea and coffee

Executives enjoying coffeeChoose from our range of self-service beverage machines, specifically designed to produce a tempting menu of gourmet beverages to satisfy the tastes of today’s savvy workforce.

Designed to compliment any environment and catering for every taste and whim, the machines produce premium whole bean to cup coffee, creamy hot chocolate and freshly-brewed leaf tea. 

Virtually fat free

Our machines use virtually fat free, real skimmed milk, so you can serve a range of healthy beverages such as skinny lattes, or decaffeinated tea and coffee.  Not forgetting an unlimited quantity of ‘concentration-inducing’ pure, chilled, filtered water, for the ultimate fat free healthy drink.


Healthy vending snacks keep students and employees fit for work

Since the government banned unhealthy snacks and beverages from schools, Westomatic has noticed a shift in the market. Sales of our point-of-use water dispenser have increased almost two-fold since the introduction of the legislation in 2008.

Our Azure water dispenser has increased dramatically in popularity, not just in the UK, but throughout Europe and North America.

Interest has been heightened by increased media interest in healthy eating in schools and the workplace.

Children should drink an average of 1.5 - 2 litres everyday as dehydration has an adverse effect on mental performance and ability to learn. Water is the healthiest option, but based on the recommended guidelines, only a high capacity point of use water dispenser such as the Azure can cope with the excessive demand of establishments such as schools, colleges and universities.

Plumbed into the mains, the Azure filters water through a UV water sanitization system and in-built filters remove any impurities and unusual tastes for pure, fresh tasting water that pupils will love.