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Water Machines, Coolers & Filters : Water Coolers : Plumbed In Water Cooler : WFM5 Water Fountain
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WFM5 Water Fountain

RRP £579.00 (£694.80 incl. VAT)
Our Price £559.00  (£670.80 incl VAT )


WFM5 Water Fountain

Specification Sheet

The WFM5 Drinking water fountain has durable push button operated bubbler and Glass Filler. It is mains connected and can be fitted with a Carbon Filter to remove the taste and smell of Chlorine. The waste water is removed via a 32mm diameter Flexible and extendable waste pipe which connects to a standard dishwasher/washing machine waste trap

Water Flow control

The Water Fountain is rated to supply 1.7 litres per minute. An automatic self regulating control is fitted to overcome varying mains pressure.


Polished stainless steel top. Dark Grey colour bond(BHP) metal side panels. Easily removable front panel for ease of filter exchange & servicing.

Refrigeration System

Non Toxic, non flammable and environmentally sympathetic R-134a refrigerant. The refrigerant flow is controlled by a capillary tube with no moving parts. To provide for maximum heat exchange (and increase cold water capacity) a suction line is fitted to remove the heated air.

Cooling System

Stainless Steele 1.5 Litre cold water tank with chilling chamber to meet peak demand. Cooling Capacity 19 l per hour to 10 C from water inlet temperature of 26.7 C and ambient temperature of 32.2 C.

The hourly Cooling Capacity increases exponentially if the Incoming water temperature is less than 26.7 C, as will be the case in the UK.

Compressor & Condenser

Compressor: 1/5 h.p. capacity 230 watt
Condenser: Fan assisted high performance compact condenser made of copper and aluminium construction.

Power supply

240 Volt, 50Hz. 3 pin plug and 200 cm power cord.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: H 110 cm; W 35cm; D 35cm
Weight: 32 Kg



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