Vending in Birmingham

Are you based in Birmingham or surrounding areas and want an operated vending service or DIY vending option?


DIY Vending from Vending ExpressVending Express use the very reliable DarenthMJS in-cup vending machines for our in-cup vending solutions. We believe that if you provide reliable and easy to use machines, there is not always the need for you to pay for an ‘operated’ service. This service sometimes appeals to Small to Medium companies, who want to reduce their costs and supply top rate refreshment solutions for their clients and staff.


Our engineers will ensure that when they install the machines they talk you through the key features of the machines, including how to clean and where relevant, re-stock the machine.  It really is easy.


However, we also understand that some business wants to focus on their core business leaving the vending to the experts. This is why we also offer our Managed Vending Service in Birmingham and surrounding areas. This starts at a very low weekly rental and in some cases can even be FREE VENDING for your business.



The reliability of the machines we supply is second to none. For example, the average time between breakdown across all our machines is over a year. Also, as we carry a wide range of the required spare parts for our British Made machines, we aim to have your machines working with minimal downtime.


Quick Product Delivery

Quick delivery of your supplies is also important to us. Contracting the very best logistics partners means that we deliver 95% of your orders the next working day and guarantee delivery within 3 working days.

We always go out of our way to deliver the best levels of service and reliability possible to our customers, adding value to your business. 


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